4:07PM:  Turnout in HoD 72 has finally begun to crawl into the low to mid teens.  We can expect this is also what is occurring in the 56th. Several precincts in Brookland, where Ben Dessart is running for the Republican nomination for Supervisor, are currently reporting between the 10-14% turn out range.


3:40 PM: From Joey Brewer, husband of Emily Brewer running in the 64th:

“Vote count at Bartlett in Carrollton is 480. High Dem turnout, but very positive for Emily.”

This matches with the trend we have seen in Central and NOVA – the Dems are out voting with ferocity.


2:50PM: In Henrico County, the trend seems to be a high turn out for democrats, and average or below average for republicans.  On his Facebook page, Brian Schoeneman reports a similar turn out for Fairfax County:




Update from the Emily Brewer campaign in the 64th HoD race – Turn out is high in Carrollton and Smithfield, and appears to be low everywhere else.



We may all be on different teams, but we all pull together to help someone in need:



Voting seems to be picking up in the late morning hours, but turn out still appears to be low in Henrico County.  John McGuire in the 56th recently sent out an email reminding folks that the primary is today, asking them to go vote, and while traffic does appear to be picking up now in certain precincts, the general feeling in Henrico County is that things seem to be slow.


This is a live blog with updates from all over Virginia on Primary Day, June 13th.  We hope to have several of the statewide campaigns checking in, as well as several local races of interest, including HoD 64 where Emily Brewer is running for Delegate, HoD 56 where there are six contenders for the republican nomination to fill Peter Farrell’s seat, HoD 72 between Ernesto Sampson and Eddie Whitlock, who are vying for retiring Delegate Jimmie Massie’s seat, and Brookland Board of Supervisors candidate in Henrico County Ben Dessart who is looking to create an upset tonight.