Millennials: The Rest of Us Need You

It’s not fair. Most of you haven’t voted more than twice for President. The majority of the folks in the Republican Party have never reached out to you. As parents, we gave you divorce and delusions of grandeur. As an example, we demonstrated religious and social activism and demanded your loyalty for participation. When we’ve spoken about your generation, we’ve spoken down to you. We’ve complained about your disinterest and insulted your intelligence.

I’ll turn 38 this June. My generation has done nothing. We’ve let the Baby Boomers run this country without opposition or second-guesses. When they accuse you of feeling entitled, they are actually talking about us. It’s the folks born between 1965 an 1985 that had everything handed to us. We’re the one’s who had legit trust-funds. We’re the ones who accepted whatever we were told about about government and entitlements and accepted the debt as natural.

It’s the Gen X’ers that stuck you with the bill – not the Baby Boomers. Don’t get me wrong, the Boomers invented this wealthy society and they are the ones hell bent on taking everything back. Those of us who grew up in the 70s and 80s simply never thought to disagree. We figured their society would be there for us when our parents retired.

It’s true. While the federal debt increased, it never even occurred to us to protest. We learned how to work necessary trades and then sent our children to liberal arts universities.

So, what I’m asking is unfair. While the entertainment media targets you as examples of stupidity, I look to you as the only force capable of preventing our stupidity and entitlement from destroying us.

If you follow in our footsteps, we will lose this Republic.

Folks between the ages of 35 and 75, with any sense of reality available to them, are desperate to push our government toward fiscal responsibility. Only, we don’t want to give anything up to get there.

You have no less than ten years to demand innovative solutions to the problems that we created for your generation. The solution to generational debt is higher taxes – on you, when you enter the work force. Don’t like it? Then you need to advocate for an alternative. Our solution to deficits and debt is targeted at one generation: Yours.

Millennials are now the largest working population in the United States of America. Your parents and grandparents know that taxes are the best way to ensure their own security. What’s worse, if you don’t submit, you’ll be attacked as being anti-social and anti-old-people.

I asked to write for this site for one reason; I want to communicate with people under 35. My articles at Virginia Right, The Bull Elephant, and Pendleton Penn, reach people, on average, well beyond their mid to late 60’s.

Don’t hate the 65+ plus crowd. Yes, everything that hurts you, they gave you. Hate the 35-65 year old’s who refused to lift a finger. But if you don’t, then no one will.

What do we need from you?

We need this…

We need you to employ your time and energy to pressure the elected toward fiscal and social restraint. We need you to demand the freedom to start your own businesses. We need you to operate those businesses without federal control.

President Trump is going to annoy us, but we need you to support the Republican Party, because the Republican Party is the only party concerned about your interests.

I need you to reach out to your Republican Representatives and tell them that you want smarter, better government. We’ll just sit here and try to adapt to whatever, as we were raised to do. If folks under 37 want to be able to live in under an economy that gives them a chance, then they need to demand the liberties my generation ignored.

Younger folks have two choices: trust your parents and grandparents, or do it differently. You don’t seem to understand this yet, but you have all the power. The conservative, thoughtful, rational, Republican Party is yours for the taking. For the love of God, take it. I’ll support you. The Democrats believe in ideals older than your grandparents. Ideals that have wrecked themselves against the walls of reality throughout the world.

If you are between 18 and 25, then you need to retake control over your world, because it’s a world we’re¬†willing to destroy for our own profit.

Truthfully, I’m going to hang out and wait for you to retake your birthright: The Republican Party. If you want to be free, capture the GOP and demand your own liberty. Become active… please. Your parents won’t. If you want political power, then all you have to do is take it. Take the Republican Party. If you run into trouble, let me know. I’ll help you.

The Democrats want to make you slaves to this government. You can take over the GOP and demand a party that makes government serve you.