Donald Trump 2.0

What if you could have Donald Trump, but without any of his flaws? All the benefits of an outsider that’s going to clean up the political scene, without even a hint of concern. Someone with great success in business, no concern for political correctness, but no scandals, no big mouth, and no perceived prejudices.  Now Virginia needs this perfected “Donald Trump” in the Governor’s Mansion.

President Trump will knock down anyone and anything that stands in his way as he makes America great again. Donald calls it like he sees it, with little to no regard for his own image or whom he offends. An outsider, unbound by any political ties or blind loyalties, Donald Trump has unapologetically approached controversial issues head-on. And because his campaign’s purse strings were never held by any special interest groups or campaign donors he couldn’t dare offend, Trump could afford (quite literally) to say what he really wanted to. While Donald Trump is certainly not the only American who wants to drain the bureaucratic swamp, he is one of the few rich enough to finance his own Presidential campaign. Trump never had to rely on any other interests other than his own and those of the country, which allowed him to hold the “powers that be” in disregard, if not total disdain. SIGs, be damned!

But Donald Trump is certainly not perfect.  After his nomination, many Republicans waited with baited breath for a more polished and tactful version of Donald Trump to appear. We waited and waited for a smooth spoken, tactful and ideologically minded candidate to grace us with his presence. And while we got the White House, we never got our wish for a Donald Trump 2.0, but now Virginia might!

As he kicks his still young campaign into high gear, Virginians are witnessing the rise of our very own Donald Trump 2.0: Denver Riggleman. The Charlottesville-area distiller embodies all of things America loves about Donald Trump, as well as the attributes our President lacks.

Riggleman is brazen in his rebellion against the special interest groups (i.e. Dominion Power), unafraid to ruffle some feathers… much like Donald Trump, except Denver does so tactfully. Riggleman has rolled out a big, bold and unconventional policy platform… much like Donald Trump, except Denver is much more eloquent in his delivery, and there is actual substance behind his policies! Riggleman is a political outsider and non-politician… much like Donald Trump, except Denver has experience in the military and the Department of Defense to go with his business background. He even specialized in national security and counterterrorism, a nice contrast from Trump. Riggleman holds nothing back… much like Donald Trump, except Denver does so in a manner that is deeply rooted in principle and integrity.

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump somehow became the champion for middle class, blue collared Americans, without ever quite fitting the mold. Denver Riggleman is everything we love about Donald Trump and more, but without the things we don’t. Not only is Denver a true man of the people, but he also possesses the experience and integrity befitted for the highest office in the Commonwealth. Denver Riggleman is the version of Donald J. Trump we all wanted, but never got. Now it’s time to make Virginia great again by making him Governor.