32 Signs you live in a political echo chamber

  1. You regularly call the other side “misinformed”.
  2. Your political news on Facebook all say the same thing when a major event happens.
  3. You regularly question how people can “vote against their own interests”.
  4. You talk about the other sides “agenda”.
  5. You have retweeted or shared news articles you haven’t even read.
  6. C’mon admit you have.
  7. The 3 most recent news articles on your Twitter or Facebook feed say the same thing about the President.
  8. While in the car you only listen to NPR or Talk Radio
  9. You speak more openly with those of the same political affiliation than your other friends.
  10. You dismiss or qualify scientific studies that disagree with your world view but regularly reference to “scientific fact” those that help your view.
  11. You have NO ‘best friends” who are of the opposite political affiliation.
  12. You feel the need to defend former President Obama’s every action, or current President Trump’s actions because they were, “so much better than the alternative”.
  13. You fail to listen to others view-points.
  14. No really you didn’t listen to me.
  15. You have secretly agreed with “the other side’s” political points but would NEVER admit it.
  16. You find yourself either actively or mentally commenting on every political post on Twitter of Facebook. Especially from those who, “completely have it wrong”.
  17. You secretly love it when something bad happens to a politician or advocate of the opposing viewpoint. Extra points if its sexual or hypocritical in nature.
  18. You have never stopped to think about how your words are perceived by someone else of the opposing viewpoint.
  20. You can’t remember the last time you agreed with someone of another political stripe.
  21. You regularly use terms like “snowflake, fascist, etc.” .
  22. You regularly use stolen lines of thought or words in an argument because you have no idea what you are talking about but do not want to admit it.
  23. You scroll through comment sections to feel better about yourself.
  24. You absolutely despise Centrists and/or the phrase “shifting to the middle”.
  25. You have to win every political argument, and there are winners and losers in this world. AMIRITE??
  26. You skim through articles you like looking for important points.
  27. You skim through articles you don’t like looking for obvious “holes”
  28. You have seriously thought about terminating a relationship, either friendly or romantic, due to their political affiliation.
  29. You are annoyed because of someone else’s lack of knowledge in current affairs. EXTRA points if the other person is a “Snowflake” or “Southern Hick”.
  30. You regularly talk about George Soros or the Koch Brothers.
  31. You listen to or watch certain networks or channels to get into your “comfort zone”.
  32. You hate posts like these!